The Salmo Valley Trail Society is seeking up to four new Trail Builders to be part of our paid trail crew for the 2022 build season. The ideal candidate for this position will be in excellent physical condition; have previous experience hand building trails; first aid training; some Chainsaw safety training; and previous experience working in remote wilderness locations.
Job Profile: Trail Builder

The Salmo Valley Trail Society (SVTS) is a non-profit organization dedicated to developing, maintaining and promoting non-motorized trails and trail networks for the Salmo valley. We have received funding to operate a paid trail crew for the 2022 season. This crew will consist of a Trail Construction Manager and up to four trail builder positions. Trail Builders are employees of the SVTS. They will work under the direction of the Trail Construction Manager as part of the SVTS trail crew. They will work as part of a team building hiking, biking and multi-use trails in and around the Salmo valley. Trail projects include maintenance and new construction of hiking, biking and multi-use trails.

Hours: Full time seasonal position consisting of primarily full time work (up to 40 hours a week) beginning in May and running for approximately 16 weeks until the end of August.

Pay: Hourly wage of $17-20/hour depending on experience. Mileage rates available if a personal vehicle used to access project sites.

How to apply: Submit your resume and cover letter via email to Applications will be accepted until Friday April 8th at 4pm. Questions can be directed to the same email.

Key Duties and Responsibilities: Hand building multi-use and hiking trails using accepted current practices and standards including:
– Chainsaw and brush saw clearing
– Digging and picking trail bed surface
– Building corners and retaining walls from natural materials
– Building bridges
– Trail surface finishing
– Follow safe working practices and keep a safe working environment

Preferred qualifications:
– OFA Level 1 First Aid –
Some trail building experience preferred
– Previous experience working in wilderness locations would be an asset
– Chainsaw safety training would be an asset but can be provided

Skill Requirements:
– Enthusiasm for building (and using) high quality non-motorized trails
– Capable of completing physically demand work
– Capable of working in outdoor environments exposed to the elements
– Good at following direction and carrying out tasks
– Some knowledge of current accepted trail building practices and standards
– Some knowledge of safe working practices for remote locations
– Some knowledge of safe tool usage and maintenance
– Efficient time management skills
– Ability to collaborate and work as part of a team

Send your resume to