The Salmo Ski Hill


We started the Salmo Ski Hill Trail system in the summer of 2014.

Since then, we have completed seven trails on the ski hill.

Sunrise and sunset trail signs

Salmo Ski Hill Trails on
1. Sunset Trail: A green loop trail that goes half way up the ski hill or can be extended to the top via Sunrise (3km loop)

2. Sunrise Trail: A green trail to the top of the hill, branching off of Sunset (1.5 km one way).

3. Inducer: An intermediate hand-built trail which now goes top to bottom.Inducer can be ridden in sections (Upper/Middle/Lower) 2.1 km total.

4. High Water: An alternate finish to Lower Inducer (a bit easier).

5. True Blue: One of our newest trails. Top to (almost) bottom. Fast, flowy and fun. Finishes on East Sunset or Drifter.

6. Drifter: A classic black diamond top to bottom ride. The first trail to get sanctioned on the ski hill (1.6 km).

7. Jolly Joes: Our newest trail section. Built for hikers in mind. Goes from top to mid-way down (or vice versa) and can be hiked as a loop with Sunrise/Sunset.