SkiHillPhase1Are we there yet?

Yes we are! It feels like the road to starting our first big trail project has been long and slow but we really are there now. We have recently celebrated our first anniversary as an official society and in the next few weeks we will be starting our first official trail project.

Phase one for the Salmo ski hill is mapped out and ready to go. In addition to the $3000 from DOT night (thank you valley residents for supporting us) we have been approved for a $3000 Youth Action Grant from CBT. Five community youth are going to work along side DIG Trail Designs and SVTS volunteers to layout and build our first section of trail. If all goes well we will have a 2.5km loop finished by fall!

This won’t happen without community volunteers however. We need you to come out and help with the shaping and finishing. Currently we propose to have volunteer build nights every Tuesday starting at 6pm and weekend build days every other Saturday starting at 10am. You must be a member to participate and memberships will be available on site every time. No need to sign up or pre-register just arrive with a desire to help out, a bottle of water and basic hand tools such as shovels, rakes, loppers and picks if you have them. There will also be tools available to borrow (courtesy of DOT night funding).

Stay tuned for official start date but currently we are planning for a start-up event on Tuesday July 29. Many thanks to the Salmo Ski Club for embarking on this project with us and CBT for the financial support.

See you on the trails!